Limedika Pharmaceutical Company was established in 1994. At the end of 2007 it  merged with the PGF (Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna) when the latter acquired the controlling share of the JSC Limedika.

PGF trades in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, healthcare products, homeopathic products and cosmetics. Pharmaceutical products make up the largest part of the company’s turnover (90 percents). This Polish pharmaceutical group is the biggest supplier of drugs, pharmaceuticals and equipment to Polish hospitals. In respect of the company’s turnover, the PGF company is one of the 100 largest companies in Central and East Europe. The PGF has been officially listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

In 2007 the JSC Limedika was the first wholesale pharmaceutical company added to the List of Officially Approved Suppliers (LOAS). The company has enjoyed growth and operational efficiency due to highly qualified specialists, sensible management and continuous attention to the key areas of business expansion including development of the product range, quality and prompt service, the most loyal customers and competitive prices. Activities of the JSC Limedika are based on the principles of the Good Distribution Practice (GDP); the company is a member of the Association of Wholesale Medical Companies.

JSC Limedika has its own logistics centre and storehouses, which enables the company to provide pharmacies, hospitals and other partners with all necessary medicaments. The company supplies more than 1500 Lithuanian pharmacies and hospitals with pharmaceutical and medical products, shops and optician companies with medicine and cosmetics. 

JSC Limedika co-operates with independent pharmacies and pharmacy chains in Lithuania as well as runs its own pharmacy chains such as JSC Gintarinė vaistinė ( and JSC Norfos vaitinė ( The company takes part in tenders and supplies medicaments to hospitals, outpatient departments and other healthcare institutions. 

The company continuously develops a network of partners which now comprises 250 manufacturers of medicines and food supplements.

The range of the Limedika products includes pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, surgical products, rehabilitation equipment, herbs, pregnancy and baby items, and cosmetics. Company’s vast array of products consists of 4000 pharmaceutical items and over 9000 medical products.

Pharmaceuticals and medical products are stored safely and in accordance with the medicine storage requirements applicable in Lithuania. With a total area of 6 967,85 m² the storehouses comply with the EU hygienic and sanitary norms and requirements for premise construction. Effective logistical procedures and company-owned vehicles ensure proper and timely delivery of medicines to costumers.   

At customer’s request, a specialized programme for medication ordering and quantitative accounting, MedInfo, is being installed in pharmacies free of charge. Company’s IT services are continuously updating and improving the MedInfo to meet the needs of the most selective costumers. 


JSC Limedika has been successful in developing an extra activity such as distribution of veterinary medications, animal care products, animal vitamins and dietary supplements. The company represents a number of well-known manufacturers of animal care products including Richter Pharma AG, Sintofarm SPA, Tavet, Tanin Sevnica, Chrysamed, etc.

Marketing Services

Apart from the distribution of pharmaceutical products, the JSC Limedika also provides marketing services. Boasting a long-standing experience in the pharmacy market and the know- how of market introduction of new products, Limedika can ensure successful product introduction and representation in the market. Representation of products and marketing encompass the initial phase of product introduction as well as further support with the purpose of increasing sales of the represented products. At present Limedika prosperously represents and supports the following brands: 

•    Jamieson Laboratories Ltd. Canada, the largest and most successful Canadian manufacturer of dietary supplements, founded in 1922. The brand is characterised by outstanding quality and wide range. More information at

•    Philips AVENT England, a manufacturer of products for babies and their mothers. The Philips AVENT is one of the most popular trademarks in Europe; its products are laboratory and clinically tested and appreciated for their high quality. It is a highly experienced manufacturer operating since 1984. Its product range includes all the essentials for babies up to 12 months of age. More information at


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