At the beginning of its activity, JSC Limedika experienced a continuous growthin the pharmaceutical market of Lithuania. Cooperation with pharmacies has been of special importance. The greatest attention is devoted to independent pharmacies and pharmacy chains such as Baltijos Vaistiniu Grupe (Baltic Pharmacies Group), JSC Gintarine Vaistine and JSC Norfos Vaistine, for which we can propose the most favorable purchase and delivery terms as well as quality services.

In 2009 the Company’s turnover reached 343 million litas even though theyear was unfavorable for the market leading to a 6 percent  fall. Nevertheless JSC Limedika managed to retain 24 percents of the market. Purchases by pharmacies and health institutions accounted for approximately 93 % of the turnover.. Almost 100 % of all pharmaceutical products were sold in the internal market.

In 2010 the Company’s turnover grew again amounting to 350 million litas. The market share remained the same.

In 2011 the Company’s turnover was 405 million litas. In 2012 the Company’s turnover reached 428 million litas. In 2013 the Company’s turnover was 461 million litas.